Why Us?

With well over a decades experience in the domain we have been able to fully comprehend the intricacies that go into the manufacture of precision crafted, superior grade products which can be clearly seen in our HCl Gas Generation Units and Lined Dip Pipes And Spargers. Some of our unique selling points are as follows:

Assured Quality

Being an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company, we shoulder the responsibility to make certain that the quality of our products remains maintained, we have a quality control department that is managed by adept individuals who have an eagles eye for detail. We have thus been able to address any issues in our offerings from the root rather than mitigate the effects. The efforts directed upon ensuring which has inculcated excellence into our offerings.

Our Team

We have employed a team of 100 professionals who are highly qualified and knowledgeable about their domain. Each individual at our organization strives to achieve perfection at their work, something that  they realize is unachievable owing to their will to consistently improve. The pursuit of perfection, has evolved them and made masters out of each, owing to which products such as our HCl Gas Generation Units and Lined Dip Pipes And Spargers are considered among the best in the market. 


We believe, quality is the essence of success in business and have thus striven to imbibe the virtue within each aspect of our company. In order to provide our client with the best products in the market, we have established a manufacturing facility that is fully equipped with the most modern equipment that aid in precision manufacture. By putting to good use the best materials and components ,we have been able to create products that are in a league of their in the market.